Friday, February 5, 2010

Disclaimer and Mission Statement of Sorts...

This is my photographic journey into breaking all the rules of photography, art, possible the law?? While I'll obviously still be doing conventional photographic work and work for clients, I want to take free time to explore all sorts of mediums of photography and weird things you can do with a camera.
Why do all this? This year I really feel the need to push myself creatively to create things that require skill, thought, trial and error and a little luck. I want to step outside the frame and do things that are different from the norm, and most importantly, truly rooted in the basics of photography rather than relying on technology.
Now the disclaimer part... Nothing I am doing is completely original, just rare. I'm not the only person who owns a Holga or knows what emulsion liquid is. I'm often taking ideas from peers and teachers, the Internet and books.
That being said, I hope that people take my ideas and run with them! I don't want this blog to be a brag book, but an exploration and tutorial in some ways of how to push the boundaries with all the photographic resources there are.
If you love photography, pay attention and learn a thing or two. (Also, walk away from your point and shoot for 5 minutes and take a darkroom photography class. You'll thank yourself later.)
Please join me as I celebrate failures and enjoy my success. After all, if it isn't fun... then why are you doing it??

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