Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things that have pinholes already in them and a Holga update

While you can build pinhole cameras using a variety of mediums (more on that in the future), you can also buy cameras that are already premade pinhole cameras or cameras that convert to pinholes.  For example, there is a way to break a Holga to make it a pinhole.  Also, if you buy a Diana F+, it has a pinhole setting and removable lens for genuine pinhole photos.

There are a lot of ways of recording pinhole photos, ranging from 35mm film to photographic paper.  The Diana records images on 120 (medium format) film.  Another fun thing about using the Diana to record pinhole photos, is that you can change the aperture setting, replace the lens and continue to take regular pictures.

005 copy

As with any Diana shot, there is room for multiple exposures.  Pinholes also allow for long exposures during daylight, which can be interesting as well.  These are a couple prints I got off my first roll of film.  Some advice from experience: pay attention to whether or not you advanced the film after each photo!  I ended up with a lot of double exposures that weren’t intentional (although some I loved anyway, which is what makes Lomography so interesting at times).

Double exposure pinhole

004 copy007 copy 

A little motion blur…

002 copy

Because of the longer exposure and my puppy’s movement, her head and tail are ghosted out of the photo.

003 copy  

Also, as promised, I have a couple new B&W photos from my Holga.  Even if you’re not doing all the off the wall things I want to try with this blog, I hope these at least encourage or inspire you to spend $20 and take some interesting photos.

014012 copy013 copy

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