Sunday, April 11, 2010

Outside the photographer – Part I

I recently decided that some of the most important parts of a photographer are outside of ourselves.  Our tools and space play a roll in the work we accomplish.  Obviously our biggest tool is our camera.  Some people have accused me of having a “camera fetish”, but I like having a variety of tools, all of which do different jobs.  I thought it would be fun to share my collection, but mostly this serves as a visual inventory for me.  I recommend writing down everything you own along with sizes of lenses.  This makes it easy to buy filters on a whim and can help you figure out a lot about your equipment.

First, Canon AE-1 Programs (one is on loan from a friend).  I chose to have 2 so I could keep IR film in one.  I have a macro and a telephoto lens for these.  This was my very first camera setup and what I use the most when shooting film.  I also have custom made bags for all my gear.  The pink liner makes it super easy to find black camera gear.

IMG_2367  IMG_2372

Next, my EOS systems. I have a 50D with a fixed 50mm lens, an 18-55 lens and a 28-135 lens with image stabilization.  I also have my old Rebel and an EOS film camera.  I like that this is a versatile system.  I have a backup DSLR in case something goes awry.  I also have the option of shooting film or digital just by switching bodies.  This is super useful for night photography since I can experiment quickly and easily with my DSLR and get instant results, then transfer those settings to my 35mm setup and leave a night shoot knowing I got results.

IMG_2381  IMG_2377

Plastic cameras!  My fiancé's Diana F+ with flash and a poloroid back.  My Diana Mini 35mm, standard Holga with a fisheye lens attachment and a Holga GTLR, which doesn’t really have any more functionality except that it has a glass lens.

IMG_2378 IMG_2399

My fiancé's Yashica Light Meter, which he graciously lets me use all the time.  And a pinhole camera I made out of a matchbook and a lot of electrical tape.


My newest acquisition, a 4x5 film pinhole camera and a handful of film holders.  This is going to be so fun!


Finally, tripods, flashes, extension tubes, wired and wireless cable releases, off flash cords, filters, step down rings, telephoto and wide angle lens attachments and a broken canon that was my grandma’s.  I also have my paint can pinhole, which isn’t pictured here, but can be seen in a previous post.

IMG_2370 IMG_2387IMG_2386   IMG_2400

Next time, I’ll talk about one of the more important things outside the photographer, your space.

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