Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Blog Contest

And now, a contest…

Ok, the fun part!  Inspired by Amber of Heart Escapes, I’ve decided to do a blog contest.  The inspiration for this was that I really want to get to know my readers and my followers.  I have fans on Facebook and readers on here who I’ve never met and I’d like to meet you!  I also would love to hear from my friends!

So, this is a really simple contest.  Post a comment either here and/or on my Facebook Photo Page and let me know something about why you’re a fan and who you are.  It could be why you like my work, a friend of yours I’ve done a shoot with or a favorite photo.  I’m allowing each person to enter twice – once via the blog and once via Facebook, but only if you post something different in each!  I’ll also be doing a bonus deal for additional entries, but we’ll talk about that in a second.

Fabulous Prizes…

I will drawn a name at random out of all the entries and that person will receive a gift certificate for a FREE photo shoot and print package($100 value).  You can use this yourself or give it to a friend.  I’m open for family portraits, engagement photo sessions, maternity shoots, child portraits… and if you’d like to, you can use the prize for $100 off any wedding package.

Bonus entries…

As an incentive for fans to share my blog/page with their friends, I will also give each person an extra entry for every friend they refer who enters the contest.  Just have your friend mention you in their post and you’ll earn another entry (that means up to 2 entries for every referral).

Good luck to everyone, I’ll be running this contest for the entire month of June so everyone has plenty of time to enter (and also because I am getting married and will be honeymooning until July 1st, yay!)  If the contest turns out to be a big hit, I might add more prizes later, you never know!

Since it’s going to be a busy month, I won’t be posting on this blog again until after the contest, but be sure to look for updates on my Facebook Page.


  1. Who I am: Um, I am Amber. I have been your friend for like... forever. So, that should entitle me to at least a couple entries. ;-)

    Why I am a fan: Well, you're pretty talented lady, and I like your photography tips. Good stuff. :-)

    And I am totally posting on Facebook too.

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  3. Well, I was going to send you a private message on Facebook about how fabulous I think you are, but now that it's a contest I guess I'll make it public! lol A lot of people call themselves "photographers" nowadays with myspace and facebooking providing free exposure, but most of their pics are NOT professional! You have an amazing eye for NATURAL beauty in people as well as nature. Many photographers excel in one category but usually not both. I am VERY impressed with your style.

  4. Well, we met through social media first, and then it turned out our husbands know each other! That was pretty cool, when Dave mentioned your name I said, "I know that person, she is a local photographer" and he said, "Yeah, how do you know that?" It was funny to me.
    Then I found out at your wedding that you know Catherine Finwall and I know her from a college class I took last fall.
    So aside from all these sources trying to get us to know each other, you are one of my favorite photographers because you do so many different types of subject photography. Just on your facebook fan page you have everything from topless girls to pregnant moms to couples to weddings to portraits. You're so diversified and sometimes photographers get stuck in a typecast almost that they can't get out of and their material starts to get boring but never with you!

  5. Aah, looks like I have missed your deadline. But Id like to post anyhow. I found you through my dear friend Jessica M. and Social Media. I always like to send a "thumbs up" to those special photographers when I see such great work as it is a passion that I share not in profession but hobby. You are creative and your passion shines in your photos. Thanks for sharing your work. D Shoop

  6. You didn't miss the deadline, I extended it via facebook through today, so feel free to enter until midnight and check my facebook at for updates!