Monday, July 12, 2010

And the Winner is…

Thanks to everyone who entered my blog contest.  Before I announce the winner, I want to give everyone who entered the contest 50% off any portrait package as a thank you for participating.  I would have picked you all if I could!

And the Winner is…

Karen Martinez!

Just contact me via facebook and we’ll discuss when/where/how you’d like to use your free photo shoot.

And since this is my first blog post in over a month, here’s a couple Prints of the Week.  I took these over the past month and all of them were taken at night.  I’m having a lot of fun with night photography, so expect more.

From the hotel in Santa Barbara.  Long exposure, so I decided to see what happens when you zoom during an exposure.  Well, this happens:


Night shot on the wharf.  That’s the moon, although it does look sunny.


Weird one, but I like it.  My friend’s son trying to light the sidewalk on fire with sparklers on the 4th.


Well, thanks again to everyone for reading and posting comments.  I really appreciate the feedback.


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