Thursday, November 18, 2010

Camera Presets

As much as I love Photoshop, I also try to produce photos that look great straight out of the camera.  It’s nice to be able to upload photos right away and skip the whole post processing rigmarole.

One of my favorite in camera enhancers is using the picture style presets.  While I stick to Standard presets during most things, if I know I want colors to pop, or really sharp pictures, or photos with a lot of contrast, I can change this all in the picture style presets.  To find these, I recommend looking in your manual.  I’d love to throw in a menu tutorial, but my 50D varies so much from a Rebel and even more so from a Nikon, so I’ll leave this up to you.

First, some photos with the Sharpness and Saturation bumped all the way up.  Fun.  Bright.  Yummy colors.

 IMG_3866 IMG_3872 IMG_3888

Then, these have the sharpness and contrast boosted, but in black and white.  I love sharpness when shooting animals.  It really brings out the fur.

IMG_3918IMG_3946 IMG_3947

Zero time spent in Photoshop…


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