Thursday, November 11, 2010

Photoshop, a before and after

I’m getting more and more into using Photoshop actions, as well as adding textures.  Layer masks and I have become good, good friends…  Here’s a couple quick before and afters of things I’ve been playing with.



After playing with levels and adding a couple textures.  Very important: using layer masks or the healing tool with textures.  Not all textures look good on skin.

IMG_1378 texture

Before… flat.


I rendered spotlight to brighten the center of this photo and then amped up the saturation of the reds.

IMG_2161 edit

Most of my work is still straight out of the camera, but I’m starting to like Photoshop more and more.  I’ve also been working on creating some of my own actions (In part because I can’t afford to buy some of the great sets out there, but also because I can achieve the effect on my own, but it’s nice to automate it).

Looking ahead:  I got a film scanner for my birthday, so I’ll be working on digitizing my film work.  :)  

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