Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Action Set–Part 1

I am still working on actions, but instead of waiting until I had some huge set put together, I decided I’ll be uploading them in small chunks. 

This first set, which I call Glamazon, has 4 editing actions for retouching portraits and enhancing your photo’s subjects.

231 composite

To use this set, you’ll be using layer masks.  On each action, the layers describe that feature they will enhance, simply unmask that feature using the white brush on your layer mask.  The “Soft Light” action is an overall enhancer and has no layer mask.

Finally, I set some opacity levels that make a good starting point, but be sure to tweak them so they work best for your photo.  This is especially true of “Sharp Eyes” which should be turned down for darker eyes.

Enjoy and please leave feedback about the set.  I’m new at this, and I know there will be room for improvement.  I will post updates as I stumble across them.

You can download the set from Deviant Art at

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