Sunday, January 30, 2011

Panoramic Printing

I love big photographic prints.  LOVE them.  I also happen to love really small photographic prints.  So, either 4x5 and under or 11x14 and over.

I’ve also learned from a photographer friend and mentor of mine, that every photo has ONE size.  So, you see that great photo of yours that you want to offer 8x10 or 11x14 prints of?  Pick one.  You can’t have both!  Well, technically you can, but you shouldn’t.  I printed a beautiful 8x8 print from my Diana mini… looked at it, held it way back and said “Yep, this need to be a 6x6… or even a 4x4”.  That’s just life.  I’ve also printed shots done on 35mm from my Holga on 8x10 paper, and liked them.  Then after said photographer friend and mentor looked at them, he said “Make them huge.”  Once they were 11x14, there was no going back.  Sorry for the tangent, long story short: Each photo has ONE size it should be printed in.  Try a couple versions and figure it out.

Currently, I want to print this:

edit panarama web

Click on the photo, it’ll open in a new window so you can see the whole thing.

I took this panorama North of Weed and stitched it all together, ran some other photo enhancing things in Photoshop (it’s not cheating if you can do all the same stuff in a darkroom), and gave it a size.  This happens to be a 12x60” photo.  That’s right, a foot tall and five feet wide.  That’s it’s size.

Now, I have to figure out where to print it!  I want a canvas wrap, because I wouldn’t even know where to get a 12x60 frame.  I’m going to attempt to go local if I can, but I’m still doing the starving artist thing – so if someone can suggest some great and not too expensive print labs for canvas, I would appreciate it.

Shasta Betty


  1. Starting from $139 on Canvas On Demand:
    (here you can enter your custom size)

    This site shows $140 but its just rolled canvas, not stretched on a frame:

    LTL Prints will print your image on a big fabric paper with adhesive on that back, making it basically a giant wall sticker, but you can take it down and move it anytime you want and it still sticks. I have a wall decal from there and I love it. They will print your image for about $90. Its not stretched canvas but it's also not almost $200.
    (if that link doesnt work you can go to the website and click on "create Your Own" where you can upload the picture and then select a size [they have a 12x60 option])

    It's absolutely stunning! I definitely think you should get a print. Since its your photo you can always get something now and if you have the money in the future and want something bigger you can make that happen.

  2. This guy is in Prescott AZ, which is not that close to you. But, his service might be worth checking out.