Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rayko Toy Camera Show

Update: I will be submitting 5 total prints, I added 2 more and could use some input, although I have a pretty good idea of what direction I’ll go…. the submission deadline is today (1/13), nothing like doing it at the last minute.  Thanks!

Every year, the Rayko photographic center in San Francisco hosts a toy camera show.  This is the first year I actually knew about the deadline in time to submit work.  I am submitting at least 3 pieces (maybe more but additional entries cost $$$) and the deadline is tomorrow.  Since, I’m sending digital files and prints don’t have to be ready for a couple weeks, I’m developing a couple more rolls of film tomorrow before I make a final decision, but here are my top contenders at the moment.

Feedback greatly appreciated.  Ignore the dust, my film scanner is dirty.

Shot with Holga

img013 cleanimg001img040img041

Shot with a Diana Mini, and I have zero intention of correcting the contrast, I like it washed out.


35mm film in Holga.


Shot with Anscoflex.


Any favorites?


Shasta Betty


  1. I love the first one! (the sewing machine), but id have to say my faves are the second one down and the fourth one down. gorgeous!!

  2. 1) Sewing Machine.
    2) Second one (88)
    3) 35mm Holga
    4) Cat's Tail