Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to take photos in the snow - Q&A with a student

One of my photography students wanted to know more about taking photos in the snow, so here is a Q&A with Hannah about photography in the snow.

Q: Do I use flash when I take snow photos?
A: Try not to, especially when the snow is still falling.  The flash will typically make your camera and flash focus on the snowflakes, not the background.  Here’s an example of why this doesn’t work:


Q: How do you keep your camera dry?
A: Take pictures from under an umbrella or out of your car window or under the eaves of your house.


Q: What are good things to take pictures of?
A: Portraits are perfect for snow.  Snow reflects light and creates a great lighting situation for taking pictures of people.  They're faces are well lit from above, below and all around.  Landscapes are always good, but remember, the heavier it is snowing, the more that snow will obscure your photo - making it a little blurry (even without flash).


Good Luck!


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