Wednesday, March 21, 2012

“Toned” Black and White Prints on RA-4 Paper

Traditionally, if you wanted a toned print from a black and white negative, you would use warmtone paper or use a toning bath, such as sepia.  However, if you happen to have access to color photo paper and a color darkroom, you can change the settings on your enlarger color packs to get tinted monotone photos.  These are the settings I used for each toned print with a CMY enlarger, use them as a starting guide since they will vary based on your negative and the type of photo paper you are using.
Green – Magenta: 115, Yellow: 105, Cyan: 0
Blue – Magenta: 100, Yellow: 150, Cyan: 0
Sepia – Magenta: 60, Yellow: 50, Cyan: 0
Pink – Magenta: 20, Yellow: 50, Cyan: 0
Good luck with your toned prints!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Teacher–A Diana Mini Portrait

This is my photography teacher, James Gilmore.  I still take his class every spring 6 years later.  I still learn things, find inspiration, improve my darkroom skills and find new weird things to do and write about on this blog.
I snapped this with my Diana Mini – a possible toy camera portrait series in the making? – last spring during a field trip.  This is Gilmore’s “mean face”.  In reality, he’s an incredible person and mentor who isn’t the slightest bit mean.
This is the scanned negative, can’t wait to print it.