Wednesday, March 21, 2012

“Toned” Black and White Prints on RA-4 Paper

Traditionally, if you wanted a toned print from a black and white negative, you would use warmtone paper or use a toning bath, such as sepia.  However, if you happen to have access to color photo paper and a color darkroom, you can change the settings on your enlarger color packs to get tinted monotone photos.  These are the settings I used for each toned print with a CMY enlarger, use them as a starting guide since they will vary based on your negative and the type of photo paper you are using.
Green – Magenta: 115, Yellow: 105, Cyan: 0
Blue – Magenta: 100, Yellow: 150, Cyan: 0
Sepia – Magenta: 60, Yellow: 50, Cyan: 0
Pink – Magenta: 20, Yellow: 50, Cyan: 0
Good luck with your toned prints!

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