Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Red Scale Film

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about Rollei Redbird film.

Today, I offer 2 options for getting your own Redscale film cheap.  Option 1 - Follow the DIY instructions below or Option 2 - I'm going to list and sell my handmade RedHeaded 35mm film on Etsy for $6 a roll.  To reserve your film, post a comment below.

Special reserved film sale - Post your comment below and I will give you a 10% off code for when the film is listed on Etsy.

Fun Fact: You can control how red or gold the photos come out by changing the ISO setting on your camera.  Overexposing (setting to ISO 50) makes the photos come out more golden than red.
ISO 400
ISO 100
ISO 50
ISO 12 (Note, this film shoots photos backwards.  You have to flip them when you scan your film or print it)
I love red scale film.  However, there is nothing I love more than cheap expired film.  How to blend my two loves?  Use cheap expired film to make my own red scale film!
How To:
- Roll of color film
- Empty film roll with some of the film still left at the end
- Scotch tape
- Darkroom or light changing bag
Cut the end of your film so you have a straight edge.  Flip it upside down so the films are being taped together upside down.  Attach the ends with scotch tape.
Put the whole setup in your darkroom of light changing bag and use the spool to roll all the film into the other film canister.  When you’ve rolled it all the way, remove from bag and cut the film leaving a little of the end left.
Cut a new notched end into your film so you can load it.  Now’s the time to check your work.  When you load the film, it should be backwards like so:
Set your ISO and shoot!
When you unload the film, you can either give the lab instructions or use the same method to return it to it’s original film canister before dropping it off at the lab.
Here are some more photos from my first roll of film.
- Kelly

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