Thursday, August 16, 2012


You might be surprised that in addition to an obsession with analogue photography, I also like the various photo apps available for my Droid Incredible.  Many look at digital as being in opposition to film, but they are both artforms in their own right and as a photographer, I enjoy hopping the fence back and forth between both worlds.


I think Instagram is to digital photography what the Holga is to film.  The camera in a phone itself is fairly low quality (mine is only 8 megapixels) with few manual controls.  It’s essentially a toy camera.  Instagram adds in the fun of sharing photos via social networking.  Much like a Polaroid, there is also the enjoyment of instant gratification.


If you have a smart phone, I recommend trying a few of the apps.  Here’s an article I wrote for MCP Actions about fun photo apps for Droid.  I have also used cell phone photos to make Cyanotypes, read about that here.


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If you don’t have the app, you can also view some of my photos at


PS: The lo-fi filter is my favorite.  The frame simulates a filed film carrier.



  1. Awesome shots. These are gorgeous while the scenic shots are enthralling. I like the Canon Lenses effect of the black and white photo.

  2. nice post this one